Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tanto Cuore Deck Building Game

Have you ever seen this game?
Tanto Cuore (translated as much heart from Spanish) is a deck building game. In this game, you are the "Master" of the house and you compete with other players to see who has the best line-up of maids under your employment.

Players starts the game with a deck of 10 cards. These are your basic "deck" building blocks which you will use to expand your "Maid Collections".

Throughout the game you will employ many cute maids to serve you by acquiring cards to be included into your deck. Each maid have specific abilities which will enhance the performance of your deck. Some of these maids will also contribute "Victory Points".

When the game ends, the players with the most "Victory Points" win the game.

General Maid Card
Private Maid Card

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